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Re: [IP] Cold Paradigm Batteries


As your research will help support, batteries don't work so well in the 
cold. The chemical reactions that produce electricity slow down..... 
Canadians have such a problem with this :-)


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>I've been keeping a log of battery changes for my
>Paradigm, and I'm seeing a lot of variability in
>battery life.  I'm getting between 1 and 3 weeks
>with energizer max batteries. I use vibrate mode,
>but no remote and rarely use the backlight.
>This is the log for the last 7 battery changes:
>  6 days - LoBat 10:00 pm
>  9 days - NoPow  4:00 am
>  8 days - LoBat  7:00 pm
>------------------------ new pack of batteries
>  6 days - LoBat 10:00 am
>23 days - LoBat 10:01 am
>19 days - LoBat  9:01 am
>  8 days - LoBat/E21 9:01 am
>The interesting thing I noticed is that since winter
>has come, all of the LoBat alarms have happened when
>I'm outside running on very cold days.  When running,
>I wear the pump zipped inside a padded sports belt
>underneath a windbreaker, but it still get pretty cold.
> >Has anyone noticed a differing battery
> >life with the beep vs. vibrate?
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