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[IP] Paradigm upgrade in Canada

Hi Sara,

Yes,  I have upgraded to the Paradigm and I love it.  My rep is Deidre Ailles,
but the reps are not running the upgrade program.  I received a letter from
Minimed last  September which I believe was sent to all MM 508 users who were
eligible for the upgrade.  If you haven't been contacted,  I would call
Medtronic Minimed directly.  There is a special upgrade hotline you can call.
The number is 1-800-284-4416.  When I called once (to find out the software
version in the Paradigm pumps being handed out (v. 2.0 BTW)  I found that the
Hotline rep got back to me very quickly.  Or you can call Jill Milliken who is
heading up the upgrade program.  Please feel free to email me privately if you
have any further questions or want any assistance.

Beth Gearing
Am I correct in my understanding that both of you (Colin and Beth) live
in Ontario and have upgraded from the 508 to the Paradigm? Who is your
pump rep? I got my 508 about 14 months ago and was told by my rep that I would
be eligible for the free upgrade and he would contact me as soon as it was
available. Well, I haven't heard anything since and I'm very
interested in getting a Paradigm. I'd appreciate any info you could give
me about your upgrades. Thanks.Sara Molyneaux>
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