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Re: [IP] another DUH! comment

 There are more people living with and dying from diabetes than AIDS and breast
cancer combined, but we don't have as many fund raising efforts as those
charities. I don't understand this. I once called the Edy's ice cream co and
asked why are they giving their money to breast cance when people with breast
cancer can eat any kind of ice cream. I'm eating their sugarfree icecream
because I have diabetes and I think they should send the money to a diabetes
charity like JDF. They said they never really thought of it that way but would
consider it in the future. The president recently talked about spending billions
of dollars in Africa to treat those with AIDS. There are many people who live in
other countries like Africa and the Phillipines who have diabetes and can't
afford insulin and therefore they die much faster than someone with AIDS. It
seems like nobody cares about diabetics and our plight.

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