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[IP] Slightly OT - Re: Paradigm upgrade in Canada

=) Penetang(uishene) is far from Northern Ontario :-) Unless you are 
referring to the Black Flies...Little black flies... =)

What was required for the upgrade. I currently use a paradigm, but we all 
know in tech, the latest and greatest already has a big brother or sister 
in the works.... I'd like to be prepared.

As for knowing pumpers. I've become aware of about 5 people who pump. It's 
really wierd, I find I am looking for the infusion sets on people now when 
I am out and about :-)

The nicest thing I've noticed is how well people seem to adjust to the 
device attached. Most people are unafraid and interested and I love showing 
people how things work. My first infusion set change "alone" was at a 
social gathering and everyone stopped to watch and ask questions. eh.. 
Maybe I just got wierd friends! =)

Are there in support groups in Toronto? I am in Kingston but would be 
willing to travel once a month or so for a meeting there. Or Kingston if 
one is here. Anyone on the list care to comment?



 >Hi Colin. Welcome to I-P! I joined this list two years ago and am mainly a
 >lurker. I am also from the Toronto area and just upgraded to the
Paradigm >.My upgrade session was held last Thursday, in Mississauga at
the Richard Ivey >School of Business on Kitimat Rd. > >It was amazing for
me to be in the same room as about 25 pumpers of all ages. >I simply
don't know anyone (other than my MM rep) who pumps. There was a five
 >year old girl with her parents, sisters in their early teens as well as
 >pumpers in their 30s-50s. I was seated for my training with only one
other >pumper from Penetang in Northern Ontario. He had never heard of
this list. I >gave the URL to him and one other pumper (didn't have the
opportunity to talk >to any others). But I was wondering...are there any
members of this list that >were at that upgrade session? > >Beth Gearing
 >Paradigm User >Dxed November, 1993 >- 
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