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[IP] Starting carb counting/weighing food

	I keep reading and reading about weighing out food and carb counting. I
lead a very busy life style and a somewhat erratic eating schedule so I keep
'finding' reasons why I can't take the time to weigh out my food or carb
count. My insulin to carb ratio used to be 1u:30g but it has changed
recently so I currently have no idea what it is. I am not overweight, but I
could healthily loose 10 pounds and I eat crap. I know weighing out food and
carb counting would really benefit me. Can someone suggest help with getting
started... or even stories. ;)
	Also, I have horrible sugar cravings. I mean, it gets so bad that I think I
could eat a whole bag of skittles in one sitting- the BIG bag.   I never
really used to be this way (never ate a candy bar until in high school), but
now I crave sugary-items all the time. Ironic how the diabetic can't seem to
get enough sweets! It must be a mental thing.
	Thank you for all the vegetarian references. It is awesome to hear of other
veggie diabetics.
;0)  Happy V Day!  Kelby ;) Dx'd 12/00. IP since 4/02. Clear paradigm.
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