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Re: [IP] Do You Weigh Your Food?

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Shelley Valentine wrote:

> Michael & all -
> <<Soehnle Personal Health Assistant Scale >>
 > This scale is programmable. You can enter in foods & carb counts so that when
 > you weigh that food it will figure out the carb count for that amount of of
> food. That is, IF you can figure out how to program it. It has preset foods
 > programmed into it already - but since it's made in Germany, many of the
> are not what we eat here in the U.S. I mean how often do you have
> weinerschnitzle(spell?) or blood sausage? So, I'd like to program in Joshua's
 > regular meat & potatoes diet but the directions are complicated. I know
 > out there has done this because I've hear tales from others who have seen
> directions. I just can't find that someone!

You are making it too hard. Just weigh the stuff in grams and calculate
the carbs with a hand calculator. Josh will need to learn to do this
anyway. Most of the places you go, a scale will not be available. In the
long run he will memorize the carb counts of common foods and do a quick
and dirty calculation of the carbs as he figures his insulin. BTDT

The scale is a luxury that you have at home that makes things easier. It
helps you and him to learn the "real" carb values of common foods.

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