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Re: [IP] I Really Am A Girl

I just have to jump in on this one too!

My name is also a unisex name.  99% of the time people expect to see or hear
a man's voice.  My mail is addressed to 'MR.'  Sean Hamblin all the time.
People ask me if Sean is my husband, etc, etc....Even on this and other
support group lists, I've been confused for a Jake's dad.....but hey, I'm
used to it and I just deal with it.  I don't get upset or offended, I just
correct the person and go on.
Sean, mom of Jake, 9 (dx 07/01, pumping 01/02)
Grapevine, TX
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From: "Phoenix Becker" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 3:36 PM
Subject: [IP] I Really Am A Girl

> Phoenix wrote:
> === I know Phoenix is a unisex name, but I am A Girl, or may be I should
> woman. This always happens to me! If they don't see me in person they
> I'm
> a guy. <snip>
> - - ----------------------------------------------------------
> I am on another list with Phoenix, and have checked the profile on IP.
> has not been (to my recollection) any reference to gender any place on
> either list. I know Jan is a unisex name and some places pronounce it Yon,
> but I figure with my references to being pg, my hugsband, and naming my
> dolly Bluda Sue gives some clues that I'm a female. ;-) Problems really
> arise when Pat and Terry want to get married and you can't *tell* in
> which one is the intended bride and which is the intended groom. ;-) We do
> need clues. lol  Especially if it regularly happens. Don't most app's -
> in college - ask M or F to be checked in a little box? (~_^)
> Jan,
>   I checked the box for female on the housing application, they just
entered it
> in the computer wrong. I guess that what you get with work-study. I am the
> Phoenix on your other list, I just came over here recently because there
> more people.
>  When I said that this always happens to me I was also referring to a
> about my gender on your list last summer (which I answered). I guess I'm
> to have to start letting people know when I introduce my self. It seems
kind of
> strange
> though saying "Hi I'm Phoenix and I'm female"!
> Phoenix
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