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Re: [IP] Ok, I got a scale.......

"Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Thanks for all the replies. I did get a scale at Bed Bath and Beyond and I 
>got it figured out with the carb factors. My only question still remains 
>that since these are listed in the "Stop the Rollercoaster" book and maybe 
>they are in Pumping Insulin (I didn't look it up), but is this the only 
>place? Where did Walsh get this info from and is there a more extensive 
>chart somewhere else? Sorry, just curious but that's how I am. Thanks 
>again for the information from all of you.

Pumping Insulin has a formula for figuring carbs from different weights of 
food, but I find that I can figure my own carb factors by dividing the 
amount of carbs listed on the label (or in a book) by the weight of the 
serving.  For instance, if a serving size of 28g = 18 g carb, you divide 18 
by 28 and get .64, so for that particular food, if you multiply any weight 
of your serving by .64 that should give you the amount of carbs in that 
size of serving.

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