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Re: [IP] Ok, I got a scale.......

> Thanks for all the replies.  I did get a scale at Bed Bath and
> Beyond and I got it figured out with the carb factors. My only
> question still remains that since these are listed in the "Stop the
> Rollercoaster" book and maybe they are in Pumping Insulin (I didn't
> look it up), but is this the only place?  Where did Walsh get this
> info from and is there a more extensive chart somewhere else?

There are a bunch of Carb Books on the BOOKS page of the web site. 
Basically you need three.

1) fast foods
2) prepared foods -- stuff you cook regularly
3) raw ingredients -- when you cook from scratch at home

1 and 2 are pretty much covered by a combination of 2 carb books
3 is covered well by the charts in Joy of Cooking.

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