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[IP] Using Glucowatch during pregnancy

I used the first generation Glucowatch while I was pregnant about 10 months 
ago.  I was diagnosed about 2 years ago, had GD with my first daughter 16 
years ago, they are guessing it is LADA since I also have arthritis and my 
family history is chock full of auto-immune problems (but no other 
diabetics, Type 1 or 2).  Anyways, my diabetes is anything but typical.  
Everytime my endo or OB said "your diabetes will do X", I did whatever the 
opposite of X was.  My insulin requirements DROPPED by almost 75 % while I 
was pregnant, including my third trimester.  My basals went from 11 units a 
day to 4, and my ratios went from from 1 unit / 6 g CHO am and 1 unit / 8 g 
CHO pm to 1 unit / 17 g in the morning and 1 unit to 22 g in the evening   
Probably honeymooning during the pregnancy, but who knows?

Anyways, during months 5 and 6 of the pregnancy I was really having trouble 
with wild swings.  My corrections were all over the place, one day a unit 
would bring me down 38 points, the next day under almost identical 
circumstances, it would drop me 112 points.  The watch really helped even 
those out, and I would periodically wear it at night and caught some lows 
that I was rebounding from in the am that I wasn't aware of.  It also helped 
with making sure I wasn't too high or low when I was throwing up (which I 
did, a lot, throughout the entire pregnancy)  My A1C was never over 6 for 
the entire pregnancy, and I do credit the watch with helping make achieving 
that goal a little easier.

My Glucowatch experience overall was very positive.  I did have some 
itching, but nothing terrible, and nothing that a couple of days of applying 
Aveeno anti-itch w/ Oatmeal didn't get rid of.  I play the flute and spend 
at least 6 hours a day on the computer, and it never interfered with any of 
those activities. I found that the readings were quite accurate to my blood 
tests.  I don't have a lot of hair and don't sweat, so no issues there.  
Very few skipped readings, unless I was going from the hot sun into an 
airconditioned place.

I still use it once a week or so just to check daytime and overnight #s.  My 
last A1c was 5.1.

FYI, I just finished a clinical trial with Cygnus for some new creams they 
are using before putting the sensors on, and on each arm I had one area with 
almost no redness at all -- I hope the FDA approves it soon !!!


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