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Re: [IP] "Silly" and Removals

At 03:57 PM 2/13/2003, you wrote:
>Take a pill already.   If you'd taken time to compare what I replied
>to and the original post, you'd see it was edited before sending.  Granted,
>I didn't edit much out, but there was enough relevant information in the
>post I responded to that I didnn't think it necessary to delete most of it.
>Context is often necessary for true understanding of a reply.
>We're not in the 2400 baud days where you could count characters moving
>across the screen.  Even at 28k, it doesn't take long to load 1/4 page of
>And people wonder why this group gets inflamatory emails with people wanting
>to drop from the list.
>--- jhughey <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > >>> This would greatly benefit people who don't want to wade through the
> > entire tide for an
> > agate of info.>>>
> >
> > And how many of those people include the ENTIRE post they are responding
> > to?????????????

Trust me if someone is not clipping then they will hear from me when I ask 
them to clip the messages they send.

and remember people that want to leave the list should write to the correct 
address and not the main IP list.  I am not sure what more can be done to 
make it easier to understand.

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