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Re: [IP] infection in site.

> ... the old site will have puss coming out.

Happens to me often enough and I've had zero problems because of it.

> I can't figure out how this happens

I believe my body HATES catheters. Every once in a while, it'll hate
one so much, it'll throw some puss at it, just to remind it who's
boss. ;-)

I've never had a serious infection at an infusion site. Plenty of
irritations, but nothing more than that. (I've been pumping a little
over three years.)

I read Michael's tips:

> Prep the site with the subset of the steps below that you need

I use the first tip, "bathe". Actually, I wash the target area with
soap and water and then dry with a towel. Otherwise, I use no notions,
potions or lotions when inserting a catheter. I make no attempt to
keep any part of my skin sterile. (Skin is NOT sterile and cannot be
kept sterile. It's primary purpose is to keep germs out, which means
that germs are quite naturally found on the outside surface.)

IMHO, sometimes puss just happens.

> Site infections can be quite serious... One of them can blow up in a
> matter of hours into a life threatening situation

I'm sure site infections can be very serious, but not everybody with
occasional puss is on the precipice, at least not if my experience is
any guide.

Just another way of saying that, as in all things diabetic, YMMV.

regards, Andy

Thursday, February 13, 2003, 13:06 -0500, you wrote:
> every once in a while when Chris changes his site the old site will
> have puss coming out. I can't figure out how this happens when we
> clean the site and use the sandwich method.
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