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[IP] RE: DANA pump profiles / programs confusion

I apologize for the confusion I created with my statement regarding the
capabilities of our insulin pump.  Our pump has one basal program which allows
the user to set a different basal rate for each hour of the day (24 hours).
We also have a temporary basal rates that goes from 0 - 200% in 25% increments
for up to 12 hours.

Again, I'm sorry for the confusion with the program / profile statement.  If
you need additional clarification, please feel free to call me personally.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ruth Ferry
Director of Support Services
DANA Diabecare USA
2601 N. Hullen Street, Suite 100
Metairie, LA  70002
www.danapumps.com <http://www.danapumps.com>
1-866-342-2322 ext. 1000
504-889-9853 facsimile
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