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[IP] Help, Please!!!

Hi All!!!

I had a problem with the pump earlier.  I ran my pump down to 0 units
remaining and did a site change.  Checked my BS an hour later and was up at
274.  Did a correction bolus and once again checked and was at 239.  Checked
tubing and sure enough, there was blood.  I have done a site change and my
BS is now 86.  However, I am spilling a TRACE amount of ketones.  Does
anyone have any advice on what I should do to correct this?  I really do not
know what to do except take more insulin but I am afriad that I will drop
thru the floor and then have to deal with that also.

All coments would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, please e-mail me directly since I only get the digests.  Thanks

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