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[IP] I Really Am A Girl

Phoenix wrote:
=== I know Phoenix is a unisex name, but I am A Girl, or may be I should say
woman. This always happens to me! If they don't see me in person they assume
a guy. <snip>
- - ----------------------------------------------------------

I am on another list with Phoenix, and have checked the profile on IP. There
has not been (to my recollection) any reference to gender any place on
either list. I know Jan is a unisex name and some places pronounce it Yon,
but I figure with my references to being pg, my hugsband, and naming my
dolly Bluda Sue gives some clues that I'm a female. ;-) Problems really
arise when Pat and Terry want to get married and you can't *tell* in person
which one is the intended bride and which is the intended groom. ;-) We do
need clues. lol  Especially if it regularly happens. Don't most app's - like
in college - ask M or F to be checked in a little box? (~_^)

  I checked the box for female on the housing application, they just entered it
in the computer wrong. I guess that what you get with work-study. I am the
Phoenix on your other list, I just came over here recently because there are
more people.
 When I said that this always happens to me I was also referring to a question
about my gender on your list last summer (which I answered). I guess I'm going
to have to start letting people know when I introduce my self. It seems kind of
though saying "Hi I'm Phoenix and I'm female"!

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