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RE: [IP] glucowatch refund

>> I saw your post, and just wanted to let you know, there is some hope for
>> refund.  We had the same problem as you.  My son is only 2, and it just
>> not work for us.  When you call the glucowatch hotline, press 3 for
>> technical support.  Then asks to speak to the head of the department.  I
>> believe her name was Cheryl.  I can look it up for you.  I have her

Well, I guess I approached something wrong. I spoke with Cheryl and she was
not helpful.
She was polite enough, but she kept quoting the "No Refund" policy. She said
she is
not the decision maker and does not know the name of who is. However I could
a letter that she would forward ... it felt like a big run-around.
I'm not giving up yet though. I can't believe that they would not want to
stand behind
their product. I think I'll try approaching it from the Sankyo side.

Mom to Ryan (6 and pumping since 8/17/00) and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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