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[IP] just a word of thanks

Michael recently asked for e-mails regarding why we liked Insulin Pumpers.  I 
just wanted to say a big thanks for this site.  I have been a diabetic for 
nearly 40 years--next month and I have learned more since joining the IP 
family than I ever learned from my doctors.
I joined IP about a year ago and am amazed at the wealth of information I 
have gotten from others on this list.  
I am utterly amazed at the number of people who have had diabetes as long and 
longer than me!  I never knew there were so many of us who had survived this 
long.  I had never met another person who was a Type- I, except my brother 
and nephew.  All others I had ever met were Type-II's.
Thank you, Michael, for starting this site and for all the work you and the 
volunteers do to keep Insulin-Pumpers up and running.

May God bless you all for your dedication to this cause.

Debra G Nance
dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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