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[IP] Re: genetic crapshoot

Hi, I am one of those people who opted to adopt instead of having children.  
Actually 8, yes 8 doctors told me not to have children--would be dangerous 
for me.  So, my husband and I lisyened.  I am so glad we did.  After 40 yrs 
as a diabetic I am just now starting to have problems.  I have 5 beautiful 
children and I do not regret for one moment that I did not give birth to 
them.  My oldest son was 16 when we adopted him--shy of 17 by 4 months.  The 
youngest will be 6 in 3 weeks.  
When I was a young girl I said I would adopt instead of having my own 
children.  I did not want my children to take shots!!  This was my thought 
when I was 8 y/o.  All of my adopted children have diabetes in their families 
so there is still the chance of them becoming a diabetic.  Oh well--could be 
For those of you who are interested in adopting----it's a wonderful 
experience and a blessing.  Our first was 5 weeks old when she came into our 
lives.  When she was 12 we went to work for a children's rsidential group 
home for 4 1/2 years.  We left our employment there when we adopted a sibling 
group of 4--ages 4 to 16.  So, I now have 2-17 y/o's--boy and girl, a 14 y/o 
son and an 11 y/o and 5 y/o daughters.  My 17 y/o son joined the Marines 
about a month ago in the delayed enlistment program.

dx 3/63
pumping since 3/00 with Magnum IP and Maggie IP  (Disetronic twins!)
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