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Re: [IP] "Silly" and Removals

At 2/13/2003, 09:53 AM Artorius Rex wrote:
 >In the future
 >the powers that be may want to look into splintering the group into more
 >target groups in order to provide more relevant information.  This would
 >greatly benefit people who don't want to wade through the entire tide for an
 >agate of info.

We've already done that to some extent. As an example, there is a 
specialized Parents of Pumpers (POP) group for parents to discuss 
children's concerns. However, there is no easy way to prevent discussions 
of children on this group as well. There is no moderator to scan messages 
before they are posted and all of the admins are strictly volunteers. We 
can recommend that members who want to talk about children's concerns go to 
(or join) the POP list. But it's difficult to enforce that without stifling 

We could break things down into other specialized areas, but from 
experience we've found that unless there are more than 100 members of a 
particular group, there is very little discussion.

(one of the volunteer admins)
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