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Re: [IP] Careful about advice

 From my experience I have to disagree, I let my paradigm run until I 
get an alarm stating "empty reservoir" which is sometimes 10 units  more 
after  my display reads '0 units' .

When I first heard that there was more insulin left over after the 
display indicates 0 units, I did a simple test. I detached my pump, 
bolused 12 units and looked to see if  insulin was coming out. insulin 
did drip out,  about 11 units worth then the alarm sounding, stating 
'empty reservoir'.  I believe the 0 unit is only displayed  from .9 down 
to 0 then the "---" is displayed. Like you said this is an estimated 
number, It's nice that the pump estimates low, rather than seeing 5 
units left but actually there's nothing, That wouldn't be good.  I've 
been saving about 40-50 units a month, which helps tremendously.


>I'm going to make a warning about making (or taking) advice about what 
>a pump is capable of.  
>Several people have reported that if you let the Paradigm reservoir go 
>to 0, you still have about 10 units left.
>However, I'm here to attest that isn't necessarily the case.  
>Yesterday, my pump said there were 0 units left starting at about 
>4:00.  (Typically, that means less than 1 unit, but more than 0.)  By 
>the time I was home, at 5:30, it said "---", which I assume means there 
>is no estimated insulin).  I tested my blood sugar, and it was already 
>at 321.  So, do NOT count on the fact that there might be extra insulin 
>in the reservoir.
>FYI, I wasn't counting on this information, but just remembered it 
>being mentioned here after the fact, so I thought I would warn people.
>Note that when you look at the reservoir, you WILL see insulin in 
>there, but the very top of the reservoir is narrow, and so the plunger 
>will not be able to push that insulin out.
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