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Re: [IP] Do You Weigh Your Food?

>  I received the Soehnle Personal Health Assistant Scale for
>  Christmas from my
> mom because she knew I was in the process of getting Joshua on the
> pump. However, the directions are so damn complicated that I haven't
> used it yet (of course, Joshua is also not pumping yet). Does anyone
> have one of these scales & know how to use it. I would love some
> simple directions. It's too expensive to just sit there collecting
> dust.
> Shelley

I'd recommend a food scale graduated in grams and ounces from one of 
the resturant supply houses. That's what we use. We also recently 
purchased a used 2 pound electronic scale that works the same way, 
grams or ounces. It's smaller, but functionally equivalent. Both have 
the ability to zero out the weight of a plate. With the electronic 
scale you just put the plate on the scale and push the zero button, 
than add the food. With the manual scale, you add the plate and turn 
the knob to zero the pointer, then add food. There are a number of 
postal scales that will work as well.

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