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Re: [IP] infection in site.

>  every once in a while when Chris changes his site the old site will
>  have puss
> coming out. I can't figure out how this happens when we clean the
> site and use the sandwich method.

It's possible that either you or your child is a staph carrier. This 
is pretty common. You need to take additional precautions when doing 
the insertion, they're easy.

Wash your hands, be VERY careful not to touch your face -- this is 
hard to do since we do it unconsciously all the time. Lay several 
clean paper towels on the table, handling only by the edges (paper is 
cleaner than washed cloth towels). Lay out all the supplies on the 
towels. REMEMBER, don't touch your face or breath/cough in the 
"supply" direction.

Prep the site with the subset of the steps below that you need, but 
make sure and use the PROVIDINE

apply antiperspirant, let dry
apply Providine or other Iodine based prep, let dry
remove excess with alcohol pad, let dry
apply skin prep, let dry
apply gorilla snot if needed, let dry
apply undertape if necessary to help stick or to suppress allergic
skin reaction apply infusion set apply over tape if necessary

While doing this, make sure to not touch anything but the edges of 
things you handle that will go on the skin.

These procedures will probably eliminate the infection problem.
Site infections can be quite serious and are not to be taken lightly. 
One of them can blow up in a matter of hours into a life threatening 
situation -- I am not exaggerating -- this type of infection 
should not be taken lightly. You should talk to your medical team ANY 
TIME you detect one of these. Treatment is generally routine, but you 
never know. Our doctor recommends soaking twice daily with a hot (as 
you can stand) compress and following up with the Dr's office if 
there is not immediate improvement or if there is ANY worsening.

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