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Re: [IP] "Silly" and Removals

Just so we're clear, the "Silly" part of this discussion thread was not
initiated or supported by me.  That was a comment from the dropee who started
this whole thing. (I think)

My whole point is, I can see why some people who aren't tolerant of some of
the things that happen around here would want to exit the group.  In the future
the powers that be may want to look into splintering the group into more
target groups in order to provide more relevant information.  This would
greatly benefit people who don't want to wade through the entire tide for an
agate of info.


--- Wyldcelt <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I think that is true that some posts can go ignored, but maybe this is 
> because folks don't feel they should give medical advise. I do feel it 
> was a tad 'rude' to claim that some folk's concerns were "Silly".
> Maybe to THE POSTER their question was not "Silly" at all, but 
> something they really cared about. Who are we to dictate to another 
> that their concerns are 'silly'?
> I'm not into all the kid's things, dressing in slinky clothes (Gads, 
> NO!) and camps and such, but darn it, many folks are. so on a list with 
> 4,000 members I guess that is part of 'interaction'. I delete what I 
> don't need. Some go to "Browser Mode" and they can simply read the 
> THREAD they want to see and are not bombarded with tons of 'irrelevant' 
> emails.

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