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RE: [IP] glucowatch refund

 Well, I've seen a couple posts in response to my question about the
Gluco-watch. But these are regarding little ones using it. It's good info to
know! I guess now I would like to know if some of us grown folks have it and
what are your opinions? Have you had the same negative experiences? Any pregnant
pumpers out there using it? Does anyone who got it like it at all?
I look forward to any responses:-)
 Or is it possible I'm not getting all posts coming through and have missed some
Thanks a bunch!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

I saw your post, and just wanted to let you know, there is some hope for a
refund.  We had the same problem as you.  My son is only 2, and it just did
not work for us.  When you call the glucowatch hotline, press 3 for
technical support.  Then asks to speak to the head of the department.  I
believe her name was Cheryl.  I can look it up for you.  I have her personal
cell phone number, too.  She is the one that arranged my refund.  I
eventually got back everything I originally paid for the watch.  Including a
refund for the sensors I had used!!  Let me know if I can help.
By the way, the head of TheraCom, or whatever that company is called, is a
member of this list.
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