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[IP] Careful about advice

I'm going to make a warning about making (or taking) advice about what 
a pump is capable of.  

Several people have reported that if you let the Paradigm reservoir go 
to 0, you still have about 10 units left.

However, I'm here to attest that isn't necessarily the case.  
Yesterday, my pump said there were 0 units left starting at about 
4:00.  (Typically, that means less than 1 unit, but more than 0.)  By 
the time I was home, at 5:30, it said "---", which I assume means there 
is no estimated insulin).  I tested my blood sugar, and it was already 
at 321.  So, do NOT count on the fact that there might be extra insulin 
in the reservoir.

FYI, I wasn't counting on this information, but just remembered it 
being mentioned here after the fact, so I thought I would warn people.

Note that when you look at the reservoir, you WILL see insulin in 
there, but the very top of the reservoir is narrow, and so the plunger 
will not be able to push that insulin out.


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