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[IP] Gluco-Watch

  I had a similar experience with the gluco-watch as Susan and her son Ryan did.
My skin is not fair or tender but it was just so uncomfortable and then after
waiting 3 hrs to calibrate, it would then often not take the calibration. It
would not be
 so hard to use if it was user friendly, I kept making mistakes that would turn
the darn thing off and all my work would be wasted; its hard to remember what
the * and o buttons do. I tried wearing it once while driving on the highway, it
would not
 give accurate readings. It would alarm saying I was over 400 when I was really
190; probably from the stress of driving and having to silence that alarm only
for it to come back in 10 min. I really did not like the alarm, its not what you
want in
 a social situation especially when its usually a false alarm. I will admit that
it worked well for waking me up from a low at night but its just so annoying
that I can't go back to using it. I prefer to test 18X a day when I need close
  They sent me a G2 upgrade but I never took it out of the box, I feel so
wasteful. My Endo uses the gluco watch himself but says not to use it too often
or you will drive yourself crazy. I agree but you can't using the thing
occasionally because
 you have to buy a box of 16 sensors for $70 and they only are good for 2 months
(mine went bad faster) so you have to use it at least twice a week unless you
want to waste the sensors. That's a big sticking point for me, if I could I
would just use
 it occasionally, but I don't want to waste the sensors and I just can't use it
  I suspect that the inaccuracy problems are due to the sensors being or going
bad. Cignes (sp?) has had problems with that. If you call them up they are not
helpful, they just want you to buy more sensors and see if it happens again.
They clearly
 don't want to design their product of service to meet a users needs. I think
the gluco-watch is a great idea but in my opinion they are going to have to make
changes before it is user friendly enough to be worth it.
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