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Re: [IP] Vegetarians??

Our Jenny, 14, became a vegetarian about 3 months before dx. (2/99). 
Unfortunately, she is a vegie mostly because she does'nt like meat. I 
can't say she eats particularly healthy. The pump has made things 
easier, because she can eat more starches, such as brown rice. She just 
took her health class in high school and now understands better why she 
shouldn't replace meat with high fat, high carb food (chips etc). We're 
making progress. It's hard to cook for a family when the guys like meat 
and potatoes and Jenny won't eat meat. We've tried the prepackaged, 
frozen vegie meals,  but a lot of them are high fat content.

I appreciate this thread.


Kelby Liv Simison wrote:

>I have been diabetic for a couple years now and I am a vegetarian. It is
>hard being both a vegetarian and diabetic because a lot of vegetarians eat a
>lot of starches, but starches to me are sugars which screw up my BGs. Anyone
>have any ideas as to other things to eat or know of good low carb,
>vegetarian cookbooks?? Thanx, Kelby. ;)  dx'd 12/00
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