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Re: [IP] vegetarians (plus gastroparesis)

My children both became vegetarians as young teenagers, and I tried hard to 
figure out meals I could eat with them.  When I started MDI back in the 
mid-80s, it became a lot easier, but still far from easy.  When I started 
having angina in my early 40s, I attempted a Dean Ornish diet for a while, 
tried adding things like lo-carb protein powder (something I have never 
really figured out how to cover), but found that control with that diet and 
MDI was extremely difficult (I had begun using a kind of modified carb 
counting by then, rather than the exchange diet).  It wasn't till the 
gastroparesis (which brought me to pumping) that I really gave up meat for 
good <gr.>.  But I do eat (limited amounts of) egg and milk products, and in 
recent years have been able to eat some fatty fish, on the advice of my 

I agree with Phoenix, whole (vegetarian) foods are much easier than processed 
foods to cover with insulin, as long as my gastroparesis is not acting up 
<gr.>.  But I am kind of addicted to those veggie slices <gr.> (but they are 
sufficiently small that I don't eat enough of them to be a problem, usually 
anyway <gr.>). I can find a lot of nutritional info on the USDA site (
http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl), sometimes "googling" an 
unusual ingredient first to find out what other names it is know by <gr.>, 
but I, also, would be interested in other sources of carb info for foods not 
so common in the US, but so easily available around here at ethnic stores and 
farmers markets, even sometimes in the Safeway and Giant.

Speaking of the gastroparesis and eating whole foods -- some fiber seems to 
help mine, so lots of veggies and fruits works well for me, and sometimes 
highly processed things like white flour seem to just sit there.  But certain 
really high fiber foods (kamut, a kind of wheat, comes to mind) I don't even 
try to eat more than a really small amount of anymore (meaning I don't cook 
it, but I might taste it if someone else does <gr.>).  I don't know if the 
difference is between the density of the fiber or the type of fiber or 
whether there is something else entirely going on.  Beans are also sometime a 
problem, but fine in limited amounts.

Linda Z 
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