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[IP] glucowatch refund

I saw your post, and just wanted to let you know, there is some hope for a
refund.  We had the same problem as you.  My son is only 2, and it just did
not work for us.  When you call the glucowatch hotline, press 3 for
technical support.  Then asks to speak to the head of the department.  I
believe her name was Cheryl.  I can look it up for you.  I have her personal
cell phone number, too.  She is the one that arranged my refund.  I
eventually got back everything I originally paid for the watch.  Including a
refund for the sensors I had used!!  Let me know if I can help.
By the way, the head of TheraCom, or whatever that company is called, is a
member of this list.
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