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Re: [IP] remove from list

At 2/13/2003, 06:28 AM Artorius Rex wrote:
 >If only that were true.  I've seen on many occasions where query posts
 >are ignored and subsequent requests for the same info are also slid under the
 >rug.  I've experienced this myself, so plenty of responses isn't always

There is nothing about this list (or life) that's guaranteed. However, if 
you have specific questions that you want answered, you may have to wait a 
long time to get your answers just by waiting. If you don't receive any 
responses the first time, try it again with a different wording. The best 
way to get answers is to at least try.

 >If people want to be removed from the list, yes they should send email to
 >the HELP address in every email.  BUT, if they want to let people know why
 >they are leaving, wouldn't the forum be an appropriate place to post?

If what they say is helpful... but, in my view, berating this group for the 
quality of their discussion isn't. What is silly and irrelevant  to one 
person, is very valuable to  someone else. Just knowing that others share 
the same experience as yourself, has great value in my opinion. No large 
group will talk about just the things that any single individual wants to 
hear. That's what the delete button is for. Use it liberally and focus just 
on what you need.

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