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Re: [IP] Re: Bad site?

 Nope I use the sils, I changed the site and now my sugars through out the day
are normal bvut I'm still waking up in the 14.0-15.0. I got a D appointment
today so we'll see what they say. I could just be a matter of needing a basal
change but my basal was PERFECT I was waking in the 5'ssince I started pumping
and I don't want to up my basal and crash.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> This is exactly what I think happens with Claire often.   I have 
> talked to 
> others parents whose kids experience the same thing.  All of these 
> kids have 
> been Quick-set users, no one using Sils has reported similar 
> experiences.  
> Can't remember, but I think you are using Q-Sets?  Yesterday 
> Claire came home 
> from school at 26.2!!! (over 500)  She had a friend with her, so 
> we were 
> waiting to change her site.  The correction bolus worked, but 
> slower than 
> usual, and then she went to 2.6, even before changing the site.  
> Yikes, what 
> a day.  Today every reading has been between 5 and 6, just 
> perfect.  
> Tomorrow, who knows. 
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