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Re: [IP] remove from list

If only that were true.  I've seen on many occasions where query posts
are ignored and subsequent requests for the same info are also slid under the
rug.  I've experienced this myself, so plenty of responses isn't always 

If people want to be removed from the list, yes they should send email to 
the HELP address in every email.  BUT, if they want to let people know why
they are leaving, wouldn't the forum be an appropriate place to post?

--- Sam <email @ redacted> wrote:

> At 2/12/2003, 07:29 PM Clayton & Krista Morehead wrote:
>  When I signed on to this
>  >site I was hoping to gain information from others with the same problems,
> as
>  >it stands there is more complaining about silly things and a lot of 
> children's
>  >information which does not help me.
> If you have specific questions, you could just ask them. You would receive 
> plenty of responses.

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