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[IP] Weighing Food

>Hi All:  I met with a new educator today and was surprised at the
 >to start weighing food.  While I admit I am not the best carb counter,
 >measuring and calculating and weighing (with those carb point values, or
 >whatever they call them) seems to be a bit overboard to me.  We mostly
 >foods that I can measure according to serving on the package, or we eat
 >It seems like a record of restaurant foods, and keeping track of what
 >well for that favorite food is a better idea.
 >Anyone have any suggestions on this, and if you use a scale what kind
and how
 >does it work?

I too have been diabetic many years.  I weighed food items off and on through
the years. (I used the food scale more for weighing postage).  :-)    When I
got my pump 3 years ago and doing  the carb counting, I started weighing and
measuring again.  I wanted to be sure I was dosing properly.  I mostly checked
the fruit sizes.  Then if your b/s is up,  you know you dosed properly for
what you ate. You can then ask yourself, if something else is going on.

 I still regularly measure out my potato, rice and pasta.  Then I know what
one serving is.  Sometimes I find I will take part of what I measured out,
then have some more of the same one serving.  If I had just served out of the
serving bowl, then wanted more, I'd tend to think I was having "seconds".

The other big advantage is...when eating out you can "eyeball" your serving
better.  The big baked potatoes that are served at restaurants...I usually
just cut off 1/3 of the potato for my serving, and set the rest to the side.

I have a nice Weight Watcher scale I purchased 20+ years ago.  It has the bowl
on top and has weight measure increments of ounces, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 oz.

Dx 2/1975
Pumping since 1/00
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