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[IP] Re: Do You Weigh Your Food?

I find it MUCH easier to weigh out food and multiply by the carb factor, than 
to measure out portions.  My way, you can have however much you want, and not 
be locked into the "serving size".  Much faster and you don't dirty a 
measuring cup!!
I have a very simple gram scale, with a tare feature, and I just love it.  
You can have any sort of home baking and know exactly the carbs you are 
consuming by weighing your piece of cake, etc., after calculating the total 
carbs in the recipe and weighing the total product.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> <<I met with a new educator today and was surprised at the suggestion
> to start weighing food.  While I admit I am not the best carb counter, the
> measuring and calculating and weighing (with those carb point values, or
> whatever they call them) seems to be a bit overboard to me.  We mostly eat
> foods that I can measure according to serving on the package, or we eat 
> out.>>
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