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RE: [IP] Non-invasive glucose monitor

To follow up on the GlucoWatch thread ... first a BIG YMMV warning. But I
truely regret getting the GlucoWatch for my son. I am requesting my money
back. They have a no return policy, so I do not have high hopes for getting
any money back. If it is legal for me to re-sell it I'd be willing to give
someone a great price on it. 

I tried the watch three times on my six year old son. Each time he was in
tears about how uncomfortable it was. But he is six, so I wrote it off. I
distracted him with cartoons while it calibrated (it takes a 2 hour warm
up). Each time we tried it, the watch took one or two reading and then
started skipping. The readings that the watch took completely diverged from
the meter readings. I attempted to recalibrate the watch several times, but
each time it quickly diverged again.

So I decided to try it on myself to see if it would report accurate readings
for me (I am not diabetic). After about 20 mins I had to take it off. It
felt like there was something caustic on me. After that I decided that
putting my son through finger pokes every 30 minutes to get a more complete
picture was better than asking him to wear the watch.

Maybe our skin is just sensistive. Regardless, the watch could not stay
calibrated with my son's BG fluctuations. I believe he swings too rapidly
for it to track. Because of his age and eating habits, he eats his snack and
then gets his insulin after we see how much he eats. So it is not uncommon
for him to swing high for a short time and then rapidly drop back in range.
Of course he snacks every 2-3 hours. You can not even calibrate the
Glucowatch if you are above 289.

Oh well, I've ranted enough. I'm going to follow up with them tomorrow on my
refund request. Hopefully they will stand behind their product, because it
is literally not usable for us. Hopefully it will work for some of you

Mom to Ryan (six and pumping since 8/17/00) and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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