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[IP] Re: Bad site?

> <<I'm thinking maybe its bent or cloged so my basals aren't making it 
> through but
> my boluses are, hence why I'm high after many hours of no boluses.
> Summer >>

This is exactly what I think happens with Claire often.   I have talked to 
others parents whose kids experience the same thing.  All of these kids have 
been Quick-set users, no one using Sils has reported similar experiences.  
Can't remember, but I think you are using Q-Sets?  Yesterday Claire came home 
from school at 26.2!!! (over 500)  She had a friend with her, so we were 
waiting to change her site.  The correction bolus worked, but slower than 
usual, and then she went to 2.6, even before changing the site.  Yikes, what 
a day.  Today every reading has been between 5 and 6, just perfect.  
Tomorrow, who knows. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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