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Re: [IP] concerned


  Where are you talking about going?  Away from your home for just a day or 
what?  I, for one, refuse to start to panic, even though I live in the heart 
of a military zone (Bremerton WA where I live less than a mile away from a 
major submarine base, a local naval base, a major ammunitions base),...we got 
it all.  If something happens I am only 2 minutes away from Josh's school 
(the DMer/IPer in 5th grade) and the only thing between our house and his 
school is trees!!!  Rural area!  I know that these are dangerous times but I 
am not going to let THEM win, not now and not later either.  Just try and 
stay calm and have what you need available at home...well, what the heck, do 
what YOU feel most comfortable doing.  Just don't panic!!!!

mom to Joshua.....my husband is on the tug boats that push the big Navy ships 
around too, so he is right in the thick of everything too!!!!
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