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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Burning man

At 03:14 PM 2/12/03 -0500, you wrote:
 >Has anyone on the list been to Burning Man? I'm considering going this
 >year, and was wondering what the medical facilities were like.

Hi Chris,

I haven't been to Burning Man myself, but I know a few who have been, and 
loved it.  If you go you should be prepared to be totally self 
sufficient.  Do not expect the medical tent to be able to handle your 
needs.  Here's what I found on the medical tents at Burning Man:

If you or someone you know (or encounter) requires medical assistance, 
contact a Black Rock Ranger or visit our medical station in Center Camp or 
at the Black Rock Ranger Outposts in the civic Plazas located at the 
intersections of 2500 at the 90: and 270: intersections. Trained emergency 
medical personnel will be on duty 24 hours a day, and emergency evacuation 
(via ambulance or helicopter) is available. According to our medical staff, 
the most common problems are dehydration, sunburn, and lacerations from 
stepping or tripping on unprotected rebar or tent stakes. Burning Man 
shoulders the burden of uninsured emergency services costs. Avoid injury 
and act responsibly.

For information on the event check here  http://www.burningman.com.   Note 
that there is no mention of the existence of a medical tent on the main 
portion of the web site.  As far as I have been able to tell the medical 
tent deals mainly with dehydration and rebar injuries (from tents or 
exhibitions that have come unhinged due to the winds).

I don't mean to dissuade you from participating: I just think you should be 
prepared for the experience and all it entails.  If you are properly 
prepared I think it will be an amazing experience.  But being properly 
prepared in Black Rock City involves more than most of us have ever had to 
plan for.

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