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Re: [IP] Do You Weigh Your Food?

After 20 years of diabetes and doing my diabetic meal plan for all those
years, I only guessed and how much potatoes I had etc etc, ya know the ol
close enough thingy. Well, now that I am counting carbs and trying to meet
all carbs going into my body with the right amount of carbs, I bought a
small digital postal scale and I use it  a lot! I find the weights mostly
more accurate than lets say 1c of some kinda crackers, the weight is MUCH
more accurate, and with the good b/s control I have been seeing for the most
part I would say its because I weigh most foods now. I highly recommend it,
and there are way better scales out there than mine now a days, but I like
my little scale, it does the job I need it to do.
Tami in Tucson
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