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Re: [IP] Do You Weigh Your Food?

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:57:58 -0700  "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted> 

 >Hi All:  I met with a new educator today and was surprised at the 
 >to start weighing food.  While I admit I am not the best carb counter, 
 >measuring and calculating and weighing (with those carb point values, or
 >whatever they call them) seems to be a bit overboard to me.  We mostly 
 >foods that I can measure according to serving on the package, or we eat 
 >It seems like a record of restaurant foods, and keeping track of what 
 >well for that favorite food is a better idea.
 >Anyone have any suggestions on this, and if you use a scale what kind 
and how
 >does it work?

When I am at home I weigh some of my food. For example, breakfast 
cereal, English muffins, bread, fresh fruit, raw carrots, fresh 
tomatoes, potatoes, ice cream and frozen yogurt. I have found that an 
English muffin or a slice of bread always weighs more than the serving 
size that's on the wrapper, and fresh fruit and vegetables come in all 
different sizes. By weighing and multiplying by the appropriate carb 
factor, I get carb values that are a lot more accurate than I would get 
by trying to use the standard serving size. Weighing also saves me from 
having to trim food to match the standard serving size. I eat whole 
pieces of food, and don't have little pieces of leftovers. I think my 
boluses are more accurate than they would be if I didn't weigh. I use a 
Soehnle Gourmet model scale. The box it came in says it was made in West 
Germany, so it was made before Germany was reunified (1980s?). I think 
Soehnle still has scales on the market.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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