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RE: [IP] Re: My A1C!!!

Reply from mike kurtis (email @ redacted)

All of us have different life styles. Kids growing up go through different
stages. They have faster metabolisms and if they exersize require carb
compensation. They need to feel like one of the group, not outcasts. They
go through Hormone going crazy periods where control even for the control
types is difficult at best. The years of defiance or not wanting it to
impact dating and social life. And most importantly, they never get a
vacation from this desease.
I am 52 years old. I joined the club (Diabetes 1) in March 2000 at 49 years
old. I read Diabetes Interview, Diabetes Self Management and Diabetes
Forecast Magazines. My HbA1c went from 15.7 to between 5.0-6.63 inside of a
year and enjoy foods like pizza, chicken parm and spaghetti, burritos etc,
but not all the time, and I always take home doggy bags for 1-2 left overs
from a meal. And I exersize 5x/wk at the Gym. These three magazines have a
lot of information for you on kids with type 1 from typical problems to
Summer Camps (1 week sessions) where all kids and councellors are
diabetics. They do things all camps do and also work with the kids to help
them become more independent and in control of their situation. These
magazines also have their own web site.
If you can't work out your concerns with the endo you are using, contact
the endo web site and get names of Pediatric Endos locally that are into
pumps theropy. Maybe you have a Hospital with a good Pediatrics facility.

Good luck to both of you!!!!!!!!!!! The pump is definately the right step
PS  I was at a JDL walk 2 years ago in NJ. A team called Jason's Team were
sitting on the steps at the hospital taking a photo before the walk, about
50 people. 3 were kids on pumps. After the walk (3 miles), I saw them at
the lunch area. I was talking to Jason's father. Jason was 7 years old. His
dad told me to watch him. He was with some friends his age. He took a
samdwich from the multi-foot hero, a banana, and other things. They went to
an area to sit on the floor. He tested himself, I saw him thinking, and
then he gave himself a bolus to cover the food. I said to myself (I was on
5 shots a day at that time) that I had to try the pump if a 7 year old
could handle it on his own. 

Original Message:
From: Shelley Valentine email @ redacted
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 02:36:59 -0500
To: email @ redacted, email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: My A1C!!!

 <<About a year after fighting me on it, he said he ran into a colleague at
research conference that was trying what I was doing...so he all of sudden
open to the idea. :-/ As if my year
of good A1cs were just luck! >>

Ryan -

 I have found this problem with endo's & endo staff as well. Why do they
that we don't know what were doing? I live with Joshua's diabetes 24/7. I
what works for him & what doesn't.

 When we went to pump class (required in order to get a prescription for the
pump), I knew more about the Cozmo than the educator. Granted, I'm obsessed
this point so I've researched, read, read, read. But, isn't that her job?

 Do they not understand that what works for one individual doesn't for
What works one day (hour/minute) doesn't work the next? One of the parents
the CWD list recommended putting all of our kids in a lab so that carb
 stress could be monitored in a "contained" environment so that their blood
glucose numbers would always be perfect (sarcastically, of course). The
(health care professionals) need to realize that we/our kids don't live
life in
a sterile enviroment. We/they need to live!


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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