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Re: [IP] RE: DANA Pump

Ruth said:  And also how many profiles?
24 profiles with one basal program.  Our pump does offer temporary basal

Ruth can you explain this for us.  We are use to pumps having the ability to
change rates for each of the 24 hours in a day but 24 different basal
profiles is something different.  Some of the pumps have up to 4 profilfes,
meaning you can have one set of basal rates for let's say PMS days for the
gals, or one profile for sick days or ocuch potato days (less active, like my
Josh on weekends) one profile for heavy activity days, etc, etc, etc.  Are
you saying that the Dana pump has the capability to offer 24 different basal
profiles (not 24 hour rates)??

Thank you!

mom to Joshua
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