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Re: [IP] concerned - now preparedness

> With all we hear on the news these days regarding a terror attack, I am
> concerned with the fact that I am a diabetics and more than ever I have to
> prepared to have all my supplies and meds handy in the event that trouble
> starts here.  I have always taken a back pack full of supplies and a small
> cooler with an extra bottle of insulin whenever we traveled over night.  I
> guess I will take it with me all the time now.
> Has anyone made any plans regarding this situation?

nope.  at least, not for the same reasons.   i've always made sure to have
lots of extra batteries, infusion sets, reservoirs, syringes, and always one
full bottle of insulin here in the apartment.  i just never want to get
caught without.  if i was travelling overnight, which i haven't done since i
started pumping, i know i'll be bringing the extra insulin and stuff, just
in case something happens to what's on me, or i stay longer.

i'm not worried about any attacks up here, even though i'm in the capital
city of our (canadians) fair country.  what i'm more concerned about is
getting stuck because of a snowstorm or other bad weather, so i also make
sure to have flashlight, water, food, etc in the apartment, and extra
blankets, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, shovel, and stuff in the car.
the jumper cables have come in handy several times, and i end up having to
use the blanket while driving, especially when it's around -30celcius.

preparedness is just good common sense, preparing for earthquakes,
tornadoes, flood, or any other natural disaster.
the canadian site for the office of critical infrastructure protection and
emergency preparedness is http://www.ocipep.gc.ca/index.asp and there are a
bunch of readings available at
http://www.ocipep.gc.ca/info_pro/self_help_ad/index_e.asp on how to prepare
for any number of things that could happen up here.
also the canadian centre for emergency preparedness: http://www.ccep.ca/

i remember reading the main american one, but can't remember the url.

liz - ottawa, hoping she's prepared for tomorrow's midterm!
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