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[IP] I was starting to get too good at this!

I went to my internist yesterday.  He congratulated me on my improved blood
sugars.  He is hoping to tighten my dinner time ones as they still remain the

After talking some he was surprised I hadn't dropped my Amaryl.  I said o.k.
to that.  But I was also interested in dropping my Actose because it helps to
retain fluid.

We also discussed a gluco-watch because of my hypoglycemic unawareness.  (Not
a problem at this point as you read on)  Has anyone obtained a glucowatch
through their insurance company?

Now, on to  the good part.  I have chronic gout.  I called the nephrologist
(long story, but she is taking care of my gout) and, she puts me on Medrol --
a steroid.

My blood sugars have been in the high 200s  (274 -295) today.  I'm tired and
I'm thirsty.  I have excellent hyperglycemic awareness!!!!!

Oh yeah, my last urine test (which I did study for) showed blood in my urine.
Lot's of conjectures on that and went to the lab and had 7 lab tests run.
And, they were fasting too.  I hate fasting blood tests.  A nurse friend seems
to think that I might be developing a bladder infection.  I'm sure that will
be good for my blood sugars too!

Oh, and got my first A1C since starting the pump.  Wish me luck!

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