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RE: [IP] Genetic crapshoot....

Why not have one of my own?  read the part of my post that you quoted.  I
would have no problem having an adopted child that had IDDM, MS, ALS, or any
other acronym.  My belief reight now is that that is a child that was being
born anyways.  The parents didn't want her and she needs a good home.  By
adopting I give that baby a wonderful home while at the same time I do not
pass along the bad parts of my genes unescssarily.  I know that I cannot
eliminate disease or over population an my own by adopting 1, 2 or ever 100
children but I would certinally be doing my part.

I still vote even though one vote doesn't seem to countbecause if everyone
belived that then the election system would fail.  I see this is the same
light.  I don't think that anyone should agree with me, as these views are
my own.  I only want you to understand my choice and not think that I am
wrong for not wanting to intentionally pass along any maladies that I might


PS:  My tone here was meant to be serious but not upset.  Just so everyone
knows I welcome feedback and am not now nor will I ever respond to a post
anrgily ( I know that might sound strange but I have had many a e-mail
misconstrued in the past).  Remember that I am smiling here writing this
post!  :)

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Why not just have one of your own  and take what comes? have one and
adopt one anyway? Most folks want two children or more anyway. It's
kind of neat knowing my history as I came out the best....They gave me
up because of blindness from premature birth, and kept the other three
girls. I got the best end of the stick, really.

On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 02:28 PM, insulin-pumpers-digest

>  I would rather adopt a child that would otherwise not have a good
> home.  I think that this would be better for all parties involved.  I
> know
> that I would not be getting a disease-free child but I would feel like
> I had
> actually helped in some small way.
Without enough sleep, we all become tall two year olds.


Jenny Sutherland
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