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RE: [IP] Non-invasive glucose monitor

This looks cool!  I wonder just how long we have to wait.
 This leads me to a question for you all. I went to see my endo today and he is
very interested in my looking into/getting the GlucoWatch.
 This especially b/c I'm pregnant (16 weeks) and monitoring during the sleep
hours is especially important to us.
 Last I had heard from some one it only had something like a 50% accuracy. HE
told me that was NOT TRUE! and urged me to check with my insurance to see if
they might cover it.
 Last time I checked with CIGNA about a year ago they had never even heard of it
so of course they weren't going to cover it.
 Can any of you who've gotten one tell me if you had any insurance coverage, is
it accurate, and other opinions/comments.
 He is very gung-ho about it but I didn't think it was that great. Plus, I'd
hate to spend $600 on something and then some other newer better thing come
along (not that I have $600 to spend on something like that! I'm still paying
off my Tracker!:-)
The other sharing tid-bit is that I got my A1c and it was 5.2!:-)  YEAY!
OK, Thanks for any feedback any of you can provide!
Have a great evening!
--janet (Dx @ age 3' 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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SugarTrac Noninvasive Glucose Monitor:

Results From Brigham & Women's Hospital
Verify Accuracy Of SugarTracb" Monitor

LifeTrac In Negotiations To Produce Final
SugarTrac  Monitor For FDA Approval

For the full press release:

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