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[IP] RE: DANA Pump

Hey - this is Ruth with DANA Diabecare USA and I wanted to answer some
questions regarding the DANA pump features that were posted on IP.

How many units does the DANA hold?
300 units - plastic reservoir

How many basal rates does it have?
24 basal rates

And also how many profiles?
24 profiles with one basal program.  Our pump does offer temporary basal

Are the proprietary infusion sets comparable in cost and how many styles does
it offer?
The proprietary infusion sets are approximately 20-30% less expensive than any
other infusion sets on the market.  We currently have 3 styles of infusion
sets each with different needle and tubing lengths.

We now have available our universal adapter which allows for the use of all
standard luer lock infusion sets with the DANA II.

If you have additional questions regarding our product, feel free to email me
at email @ redacted or please visit on Thursday February 20, 2003 at 8:00
CST in the IP Chat Room.


Ruth Ferry
Director of Support Services
DANA Diabecare USA
2601 N. Hullen Street, Suite 100
Metairie, LA  70002
1-866-342-2322 ext. 1000
504-889-9853 facsimile
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