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Re: [IP] am out of control

As mentioned earlier today, perhaps your insulin has gone bad. Has it been 
exposed to any extreme temperature differences lately?


At 01:17 PM 2/12/2003 -0800, you wrote:
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>help please!
>i don't know whats going on...
>monday at 4 p.m. i changed my infusion site, at 7 p.m was 187 so i took a
>correction and  a meal bolus and had dinner.
>at midnight i wasready for bed so took bgs and was 531!
>i was in shock.
>i examined the pump and all seemed to be working, when i sent a bolus insulin
>came out of the cable.
>i changed the infusion set..took insulin by injection and waited.
>at 1:10 a.m. was 408
>at 2:30  349
>at 4:00  321  sent insulin thru pump to correct
>at 5:00 316
>at 5:45 319  took insulin by injection and changed site again, this time i
>changed the insulin reservoir also.
>at 8:30 91
>at 10:00 38
>i ate at that time
>at 12:00 noon was 251  took half correction amount
>at 4:30 p.m was 40 so  ate and took insulin for the extra food
>at 6:00 pm was 235 corrected and ate dinner
>fell sleep shortly after that
>this morning at 8 was 384  and is has slowly been coming down.. very very slow
>and required more than 1 correction.
>what can possible be wrong now?
>i have changed sites 3 times in 2 days.. i dont feel sick or unsual stress...
>what am i doing wrong? please if you have an idea let me know!
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