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[IP] Re: how to store extra pump

> I have a had MiniMed 508 for a while and wonder what is the best way
> to store the 507 I still have that is in working condition.

<snip>...And when you need it, just add batteries and reprogram it. Don't
leave batteries in it as you will let it come to it's termination date,
(Warranty, number of total days it will run).>>>

This just doesn't make sense. The 508 is a MiniMed pump and the warranty is
4 years from the date of purchase. The *time* is not logged inside for
running. Let's say it is in use all that time (w/batteries), it doesn't
affect the warranty one way or the other. Four years is four years and the
paperwork verifies that, as well as M-MM's computer with your name and
serial number with purchase date.

The Disetronic pumps, however, have run times internally in them. THAT is a
different story for storage. Lets not get newbies confused with what their
pumps require. All pumps have a 4-yr warranty, but the D pumps have clocks
and run times that equal 4 years. (~_^)

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