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Re: [IP] Re: Bad site?

It may be that there was nothing wrong with your site ... since your Bolus
doses were effective.  However, "the game plan" is to make sure that you can
logically reduce the possible reasons for the high, and deal with it
effectively.  So 3 unexplained highs, change your site to start with.  If
your BGs are still up after the site change, continue assessing other
possibilities. High BGs may well have been illness / stress in your case,
but try to "rule out" the most likely possibilities first.  Despite feeling
OK at 14 (252), I'm sure you feel even better at 5 (90) or 6 (108).

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> I know but I also thought if it were the site, my normal correction bolus
> wouldn't bring me right back down, it would only work a little. Right now
> sugars are back to normal. I think its something else, I'm still sorta
sick and
> have had a crazy day(stress??) I really don't think its the site.
>  I've only been pumping 3 months so to me a sugar in the 13- 14 is not
high, its
> quite regular so I don't panic. I'm starting to get to that point though!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
> > I thought the instructions were if you had two *unexplained* highs
> > over 250
> > to change your site. I think you need to change it. Don't fool
> > around with
> > this.
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